Looking to increase your home value? Stay Cool in Your Outdoor Spaces

Get a motorized outdoor shade or screen installed in Galveston, Pasadena, TX & surrounding areas

There's no need to swelter on hot summer days. Gulf Coast Outdoor Living installs outdoor shades in the Galveston & Santa Fe, TX areas. We sell an array of top-of-the-line motorized screens and solar shades designed to keep you cool when the heat is on.

We have a variety of fabrics to choose from so you can find a style that enhances your outdoor area. Motorized screens are easier to raise and lower than manually operated ones. Call 409-539-3200 today to get an estimate on your motorized screen installation in Galveston, Pasadena and Santa Fe, TX.

Our products are built to last

When you install something outside, you want it to be durable. Gulf Coast Outdoor Living carries sturdy outdoor shades that will withstand extreme weather conditions. You won't have to worry about:

  • Wind and rain
  • Glare
  • Sun damage

Motorized screens will enclose your outdoor area and provide shade when you need it. They're a great way to enjoy a bug-free evening on your patio. Contact Gulf Coast Outdoor Living today to learn more about screened enclosures in Galveston & Santa Fe, TX.