Why are Polyurea / Polyaspartic Concrete Coating Products Better than Epoxy?

Take a closer look

The Polyurea / Polyaspartic concrete coating products Gulf Coast Outdoor Living uses is 4 times stronger than epoxy coatings. Our floors look like granite and feel like an organge peel. What are some benefits?

  • 1 Day installation because the products we use have extremely fast curing times unlike a multiday process with epoxy flooring
  • 15 year residential warranty against chipping, peeling and discoloration
  • 5 year warranty for commercial or business properties
  • 100% UV resistant - guarenteed to never yellow or fade in the sun, meaning we can do concrete coatings outdoors! 

We can install our concrete coatings in gargaes, back patios, front walkways, entryways, game rooms, driveways, workshops and more. Call us today to start your project with Gulf Coast Outdoor Living!